In order to help visitors understand how different hosts are evaluated, I wanted to create a methodology page in order to be as transparent as possible.

Simply put, there is no specific or standard methodology that I use to evaluate web hosts or form opinions. This website (, is essentially a collection of my opinions on various web hosts and should be treated as such. While I do use some objective testing to gather information about speed, uptime, and other factors, when it comes down to evaluating hosts, I determine the pros and cons based on my preferences. However, because I’m an expert in the field and have been building and hosting websites for 10+ years, I believe that my opinion is quite valuable.

When it comes to objective testing, I use Dotcom-Monitor for most of my testing, including their website speed test. It’s my opinion that they offer the widest range of global datacenters and offer the most data and most granular reporting. I may also use other services occasionally such as Pingdom, but typically I stick to Dotcom-Monitor for the objective data.

Again, when it comes evaluating web hosts and making other recommendations, I do not use a standard rubric or methodology for evaluating hosts. However, when I’m doing a comparison of two hosting companies or a thorough review, I will typically determine a type and number of categories that the hosts will be rated on, but these categories may differ from one comparison to another, or one review to another.

While I don’t have a standardized testing method on this site, I feel that my experience/expertise coupled with my extremely thorough reviews will be very beneficial to anyone looking to get more information on a particular web host, or on web hosting in general.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!