Liquidweb Review


Review last updated: October 2018

Ah, Liquidweb—they are literally my favorite host around (this site is hosted with Liquidweb if you don’t believe me). I’ll get into why, and what I think makes them so good, but first let me get a few things out of the way.

First of all, this site is created to provide real, honest reviews about web hosts. I’m truly sick and tired of crappy affiliate sites just sucking people in and providing bad reviews that aren’t honest or unbiased in any way. That’s not what you’ll find here at WebHostingBuddy. I’ve spent over 10 years working with the internet and making a living building websites and working online, so I truly know a LOT about hosting, both the good and the bad. You may have seen sites with fake Liquidweb reviews out there just to suck hosting commissions from people, but this is NOT one of those sites.

You may see affiliate links here which help to keep the lights on so to speak, but this site doesn’t provide crappy reviews just to get commissions; if that were the case, I wouldn’t be talking about this…there would just be a big green arrow pointing to a sign up button, or something obnoxious like that. Also, if I don’t like a host, I will tell you, regardless of commission or anything like that. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on to the review!

As I stated above, Liquidweb is basically my favorite host. I’ve honestly never used their shared hosting plans, or bought their dedicated servers, but I imagine that they are just as good. I’ve typically always purchased their VPS servers, which are awesome. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of Liquidweb, and learn a little bit more about them.

Why Liquidweb is Awesome (Pros)

In my opinion, there are tons of things that make Liquidweb a great host. But for the sake of writing a review that makes sense and isn’t just me rambling, I’m going to break this down into a few different categories.

Their support rocks


Almost everybody knows that the two most important things for a web host to be good at are reliability and support, and honestly they are awesome at both.

Liquidweb is one of the few hosts that actually has fours ways to get support: email, a ticket system, live chat, and phone. It’s actually pretty rare to find that among hosts, but again, this is a situation where you ultimately get value that is proportional to the amount of money you spend.

Because they are located in Michigan, you can actually take your phone, call their support line, and talk to a network engineer in a matter of minutes. They don’t outsource their support to foreign countries, and you won’t have trouble understanding the person you’re talking to. On top of they, they are super knowledgeable and I’ve never encountered someone who was rude or not willing to go the extra mile to help me solve a problem, even if it was caused by my own stupidity.

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Sometimes though, I don’t want to talk to a person, maybe I’ve having a bad day, in a rush, or my problem doesn’t warrant getting on the phone. In that case, it’s nice to have the option of live chat where you can jump on and talk to someone in real time, without opening a ticket. They are usually pretty good about solving problems during chat, but sometimes if it’s something more involved they might have to open a ticket because they have a queue of other people to help in the chat. I’ve never, even at peak times, had to wait more than about 5-10 minutes to get helped, and during that time I usually just work on something else in another window; if you need help during off-peak hours, it’s typically only a minute or two you need to wait (from my experience).

In addition to all of the above, they are typically always willing to help you troubleshoot all sorts of problems, and as I mentioned before, fix problems that I stupidly cause myself. Most techs have always been willing to help me make small changes that aren’t related to the server (such as something with WordPress), etc. I’ve had other hosting companies be really rude about giving me any extra advice, but Liquidweb always seems to go the extra mile to help. I know that they refer to their support as “heroic” and it really is the best that I’ve come across in the hosting world.

Their uptime & performance is awesome

Now, I honestly don’t have any hard numbers to back this up, although you can probably find them somewhere else online; all I have is my anecdotal account of this. But I can truly say that in 5+ years of using Liquidweb, I think I’ve only had downtime issues once or twice.

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Let me put it this way: anything I have that is an awesome site, or super important, goes on Liquidweb because I know I can count on them. Any scripts I have running as a Cron job, email, or anything else that I need to KNOW I can count on, goes on Liquidweb. And I’ve never had a problem with these things with them. There are some other, niche hosts that seem to have a good sized chunk of the VPS market that aren’t nearly as reliable in my opinion. Really, my Liquidweb VPS is the only thing that I haven’t had any trouble with in terms of hosting and servers. This might sound like a load of garbage, but it’s true.

Whenever I’ve cloned a site and done a website speed test or a ping test, it always seems that my Liquidweb VPS is the fastest. And this is typically when the other service has slightly higher specs. I honestly don’t know how they seem to get so much out of lower-spec’d VPS, but they do.

You can add IPs without going through a huge process or ordeal

I’m not sure how this works with their shared plans, but when you have a Liquidweb VPS you can just log into your admin panel (not cPanel, but your Liquidweb admin panel) and add IPs. They are often non-sequential, and cost about $1/month.

This is awesome if you want to do an SSL, or need a dedicated IP for another reason. Lots of other hosts seem to make you fill out a giant form, or they question you as if you’re being interrogated as to why you want/need an IP address, and even then sometimes they will say no. This sucks and generally irritates me, which is one reason why I like Liquidweb so much.

It’s easy to add more servers

Again, this is similar to the IP thing, but it’s just as easy to add another VPS. You don’t have to open a ticket and wait days, or go through some stupid process; all you have to do is log into your your Liquidweb management panel and follow the steps to add another server. It’s really easy, and their interface is good to work with. They also have a variety of offerings, including shared and dedicated hosting, although like I said I’ve just used their VPS setups (which have been amazing).

They are great about stopping resource hogs from affecting you

It seems like even with VPS hosting, you can get some idiot on the server who gets hit with a DDOS attack, or is doing some stupid spamming and ends up slowing the server down for everyone. This is common in shared hosting, but can also happen in a dedicated environment.


I’ve had other “supposed” top tier VPS hosts just let people run wild, hog resources, and drag the server down for everyone. It’s sometimes been so bad that I can’t even access a simple WordPress database because the resources are so clogged up. I can honestly say I’ve never had this problem with Liquidweb; they seem to keep people in check really well, and don’t allow fools to mess up the servers.

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What is Not so Good About Liquidweb (Cons)

They are a little on the pricey side (but you do get what you pay for)

There really isn’t much to say here in terms of cons, but if I had to pick one thing it would be the price. At the time of writing, you’ll pay about $55 per month for the cheapest Liquidweb VPS. Now, I can honestly say though that this is a situation where if you want to be cheap, you’re going to get cheap results.

Sure, you might be able to find a VPS that’s cheaper, maybe even half the price, but what are you getting? You’re probably getting crappy foreign support, and you’re probably on a box that is oversold, and maybe the company located in some crazy place…who knows. Honestly, I’ve got some great stories about issues that I’ve had with bargain VPS servers and hosting, but those are for another section on this site!

With that said, Liquidweb is literally the ONE hosting bill that I don’t mind paying for every month, and don’t feel like I’m being ripped off. I think that says a lot…

It’s tough to find coupons

Because they aren’t one of the “bait and switch” hosts that draw people in on a super cheap coupon and then charge them 1000% more later on without telling them, Liquidweb coupons can be hard to find. Some Liquidweb reviews might try to pretend like there are coupons in order to get you to click though and buy, but that isn’t the case here, and honestly, Liquidweb coupons are extremely rare.

I think they realize that they have a great, solid product and don’t feel the need to push coupons and sales all the time in order to get customers; they know their stuff is good and don’t have to discount it like crazy just to get people to sign up.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have sales though—typically around holidays you can find Liquidweb coupons or sales, but usually not all the time. Sometimes they do have ongoing coupons, but it’s often only for the first month, and this isn’t all the time. Like I said before though, I really don’t care because they are rock solid, and I think they know that they don’t need to discount their service like crazy to get customers.

Conclusion: Liquidweb is one of the Few Hosts I Would Strongly Recommend

I can honestly say that Liquidweb is the best host that I have used, and that’s why I currently used them (again, THIS site is hosted with Liquidweb right now).

They might be a little bit more expensive, but they are just rock solid, have killer support, and very rarely  if ever have hiccups. They also offer shared hosting if you don’t need all of the power of a VPS, but if you’re looking for a VPS or dedicated, in my 10 years of experience, I belive that there honestly isn’t a better company around.

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