Bluehost Coupon Codes – July 2018


Coupons Verified Active On: 07/16/18 (Today)

If you’re like most people, you like saving money whenever you can! And if you’re thinking about signing up for Bluehost, you’re probably searching the web for things like “Bluehost coupon codes” trying to find the best deal.

Well, you can stop right here! Web Hosting Buddy has partnered exclusively with Bluehost to provide the best deal that you’ll find anywhere on the web! If you know Web Hosting Buddy, you know that one of our primary goals is being honest in all of our reviews and information, and this is no exception.

Our exclusive Bluehost coupon deal allows you to sign up for $2.95/month which is up to 85% off of the full standard pricing, and also includes a free domain. We can confidently say this is the cheapest price, by far, that you will ever get when signing up for Bluehost!

A quick note—if you do sign up for Bluehost using our coupon, we may receive a small commission, but if you know Web Hosting Buddy, you know that we are proud to be unbiased and none of that affects our reviews!

We also aren’t sure how long Bluehost is going to offer this $2.95/month pricing with the free domain, so if you’re on the fence about Bluehost, it might be a good idea to take advantage of these coupons now!

To get our exclusive 85% off Bluehost coupon, simply click the button below to activate your deal before they decide to change the pricing!

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Bluehost Coupons & Promo Codes – What Makes Ours The Best?

When searching the web for Bluehost coupons, codes or other promos, you’ll see a lot of sites advertising a great discount. Then you click their link, go to, and find out that the price is the same as if you had just gone to their site without clicking the coupon link! Why is that?

Well, it’s pretty simple. There are a lot of shady, scammy sites out there that get you to click their link in order to receive a commission, but they don’t actually provide you with a discount. Pretty crappy, right? All they do is put a cookie in your browser so they get credit for a referral, but they don’t actually provide you with a coupon. So, what makes the Web Hosting coupon different?

1) Our Coupon Actually Works

Yes, it’s sad that this is one of the biggest things that makes our coupon different, but MANY other hosting review sites have coupons that don’t even work. They claim to offer large discounts, but when you click through the coupons don’t even work. You can verify that our coupon works by clicking through to the Bluehost site and seeing the $2.95 special price on the home page. This is a real price—the deal is real and not just a fake link to try to grab commissions.

2) We Have Partnered Directly with Bluehost to Offer This Coupon

When we say partnered—we mean it. We’ve had multiple conversations with Bluehost to determine what would be best offer for our readers, and have come up with this as an crazy low price point. We aren’t just haphazardly adding an offer—this is a custom offer that comes from our direct partnership with Bluehost, catered to Web Hosting Buddy readers.

3) Bluehost Offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee With Our Coupon

What if you don’t like Bluehost after you’ve signed up? Well, it’s no problem at all actually. With our coupon, Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee, and this takes off all of the pressure. So, if you decide that Bluehost isn’t for you, and you cancel within 30 days of your sign up date, you’ll receive a full refund from Bluehost for your web hosting fees.

4) You Will Not Find a Cheaper Price or Better Coupon for Bluehost Anywhere

We have never seen a price lower than $2.95/month for Bluehost’s shared hosting package with any coupon ever. We are 100% confident that you will not find a cheaper price anywhere on the web. If you do—let us know so we can talk with Bluehost about our coupon, which we’re certain is the best deal anywhere right now!

5) We use Bluehost Ourselves

We’re not a random affiliate website pushing junk we don’t use or wouldn’t use. We have sites actively hosted on Bluehost and work with them every week to maintain and develop these sites. First and foremost, we’re web developers and tech geeks, not salesmen.

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Still on the Fence About Bluehost?

If you’re looking for Bluehost coupons, you’re probably ready to buy. But what if you’re not? That’s ok too…we’ve got a number of great comparisons of Bluehost vs other hosting companies on our site that you can also check out. We’ve taken the time to compare Bluehost to: HostGator, GoDaddy, and DreamHost in order to give you the most comprehensive view of Bluehost that you’ll find on the web today!

But if you are ready to purchase, rest assured—our Bluehost coupon is the best deal that you’ll find on the Internet, hands down!